5 Things I look forward to in Grad School

So about 2 weeks ago, I posted a blog about my fears of starting grad school. Today, I thought I’d look on the brighter side 🙂

  1. Being a student again: I miss the challenge of being in school! Working is so…monotonous. I can’t wait to explore the UCLA campus, hang out with other students, freak out over having to read a dense book in less than a week, and stressing over finals. Once leaving UCSC, I realized college was definitely a bubble. I’m excited to be with others who are equally passionate about issues that I am again.
  2. Putting myself outside of my comfort zone: It’s funny how I can be myself and do presentations in front of 150 high schoolers YET when it comes to my peers or those older than me, I freak out. I know I’m going to have to give presentations to my peers and attend conferences as a grad student, so I think this will give me some good experience. The only way you’ll grow is if you challenge yourself and put yourself out there.
  3. Living on my own: Thanks mom and dad for taking care of me, but I’m really excited to live by my own rules.
  4. Being reunited with old friends: Joyce, my best friend from college lives about an hour away from my school and we agreed to meet up at least once a month once I’m there. I’m super excited to see her more often! I’m also excited to see my friend Ericka who will also be a bananabruin with me!! (Our undergrad mascot was a banana slug, and UCLA’s is a bruin so…..bananabruin! :P)
  5. Traveling & exploring: I’m excited to explore the LA area and SoCal in general! I’m not familiar with it at all, so I’m expecting a lot of adventures. I also know I’ll be going to at least 2 conferences which may be in other states! Hoping they’ll be in ones I’ve never been to before 🙂


I forgot to add in my other blog about how being in a long distance relationship is not one of my fears! That’s actually a really common question I get from family and friends. I’m fairly confident about my relationship and maybe this time apart will be good for us. Plus, we’ve done long distance before with Taiwan and California for a school year so NorCal and SoCal is nothing compared to that. We’re a 1 hr plane ride away, 5hr drive away, and in the same time zone! We got this.




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