It’s the end of Finals Week at the school I work at, which means things are slowing down for students as well as staff. As I sit here at my office with not much to do, I’m overcome with emotions. I was going to write a Facebook status about this, but it would have been too long. With a month left at this job and grad school fast approaching, I feel so privileged and grateful for everything that life has given me up until now.

Although I don’t get along with my parents often, I’m grateful that they still provide a roof over my head and food to keep me full. I’m lucky they were able to pay for a portion of my college degree, which has opened up so many opportunities for me. I’m happy that no matter how many times they told me not to travel, not to move away from home, and not to go into the field of education, they still put up with me and didn’t try too hard to stop me. On the bright side, I have some cool supportive aunts  who have always told me to just follow my heart.

I’m grateful that along the way, I’ve been able to find mentors in each aspect of my life. Whether it’s my high school ceramics teacher who was there for me during my first break-up (lol), several of my Chinese history professors who pushed me to my limits, my supportive Spanish and Chinese teachers who were always there for me to talk to, or my supervisors from all my previous jobs who made me think about my professional goals, each of these individuals played a part in my growth as a young woman. I have learned so much from them.

I’m privileged to be the first in my immediate family to earn a college degree. Graduate school will be an even more privileged space. I’m grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained and hope that I can do everything in my power to help others less privileged. It’s important to stay humble and not forget where you came from. Education is power, and I’m going to use it.

Now I haven’t been to that many places, but I’m grateful for my travels. Spending a summer in South America and a school year in Asia still feels surreal. I’m so excited to go to Seattle and Vancouver in a couple of days for the first time with my boyfriend. I get to visit a friend I met from teaching English in Taiwan. Another friend from Taiwan is actually moving to LA this Fall for school. I’m happy that my travels have not only brought to me new perspectives on life, but also new friends from around the world.

Speaking of friends, I’m grateful for a network of supportive people in my life who are always there to pick me up when I’m down. The friends that tell me to take a chance when I’m afraid. The friends that although I don’t talk to or see very often, are still there for me when we do meet and it’s like no time has passed. The friends that have stuck with me from my K-12 years and my more recent friends from college until now. The friends I’ve made through work that have stayed friends with me after moving on to different jobs. The friends that aren’t too judgemental and still love me after my mistakes. These are the people who get me through life and have shown me who my true friends are.

Thankfully I have a somewhat “healthy” body. My immune system used to be bad growing up and all the way until the last year or so. Being sent home early from Taiwan hit me hard and made me rethink nutrition and exercise. I wanted to do all that I could to regain strength in my body, because there were literally times where I felt that I was about to die. Now I’m much better, and have educated myself on maintaining my health.

Last but not least, I’m grateful for my partner. Not only is he my boyfriend, but one of my best friends. He never fails to make me laugh and no matter how many times he makes me want to face palm, I can never stay upset at him for long. He teaches me to be generous and kind to others and reminds me of my goals when I’m falling off track. He encourages me to challenge myself and be my best me. He stuck with me when I moved 7,000 miles away for a year and now 380 miles away for another year (well I hope he does). I can’t believe we’ve been together for 2 years beginning tomorrow!

What are some of the things you’re grateful for? I’d love to hear 🙂




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