Trip to Seattle, Day 1

On the morning of the 4th of July, my boyfriend and I flew to Seattle, WA! I was really excited for this trip because 1. I’ve never been there, 2. I would get to visit a friend I haven’t seen since living in Taiwan, 3. I would be able to get away from work – yay vacation!

7:10AM flight! Waiting to board~

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Pretending not to be tired

We took a Lyft from the airport to our Airbnb. We stayed in Capitol Hill, which is a vibrant and trendy area. I loved that our place was residential but in walking distance to restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores! I’m sad I didn’t take a photo of the beautiful tree-lined streets. One of the first things I noticed was that Seattle and Washington in general is SO MUCH MORE GREEN than the Bay Area! Literally trees everywhere. It made me happy.

We had breakfast at a nearby restaurant. A simple eggs, turkey sausage, salad and toast breakfast for me and blueberry pancakes and oysters (interesting combo I know) for the boy. After, it was time to go up the Space Needle! I knew it was pointy at the top which was the “needle” part, but I didn’t know there was actually a space theme!

A simple breakfast for me.

On our way to get in line, I met the most adorable labrador puppy named Percy! His human brother was hugging him so tightly, but he let me pet him!

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Some photos from the top:


Sitting down because we were tired from walking:

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After, we visited Chihuly Garden & Glass next door. I loved all the pieces in this museum and seriously have a new appreciation for glass-blowing. I’ve always enjoyed 3D art because it’s much more tangible and I like working with my hands (baking is another form of art I’d say, and I used to do ceramics!).


For lunch we had Thai food! Realized we didn’t have many choices since it was a holiday.

After, we went to Olympic Sculpture Park and walked downtown. Soon after we went back to our Airbnb because we were so tired and there were no shops open anyway.



Stay tuned for Day 2!



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