How Weightlifting Changed Me

I have a confession to make. I no longer attend Zumba or U-Jam classes. THERE. I said it. I used to LOVE dance fitness, and I still do. I did it for the adrenaline rush, the fun, and the feeling of being healthy. But something changed. It started to get...boring? I wanted something new in... Continue Reading →


A rant about perceptions of community college

Back in February 2017, the city of San Francisco became the first in the nation to reach a deal in providing free college tuition at City College. I forgot I had this rant written in my email drafts where I used to vent out my feelings. Now I can just put them in this blog! lol

Grad School Fears

Now that it's getting closer and closer to starting my Master's program, I'm getting more nervous. Before, I was excited and ready to take it head on...but now that I'll be moving in about 2 months, I'm starting to freak out. Here are a few things I'm afraid of: Not being good enough compared to... Continue Reading →

If you know me, I don’t blog

This is probably the 6th blog I've tried starting. I just can't keep up with them and tend to lose interest after a month... BUT I hope I can keep this one for much longer. I need an outlet to express my feelings and I think I'll try this out again.   I think the... Continue Reading →

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